Let’s observe and imagine other possible streets from our windows?

Exercise 1: Observing the street distribution

  • What is the space proportion of the street by the use (walk, cycle, stay and park)?
  • Are the sidewalks wider or narrower than the road?
  • There are a bike lane or bike path? Is it one or two-ways?
  • There are an exclusive lane for public transport?
  • How many lanes existes for motorized vehicles? Are they one or two-ways?
  • There are parking spaces by the curb?
  • There are other uses to the curb like parklets or shared bike stations?
  • Do you think this street distribution is fair or good? What could be different?

Exercise 2: Observing sidewalks and identity

  • How many different sidewalk patterns can you see from your window?
  • There are any sidewalk patterns or identities on your street that can be seen throughout the neighborhood?
  • Which materials can combine esthetics and access?
  • Which elements are present on your sidewalks, like bins, bus shelter, mail boxes, and others? Are they an obstacle or there is sufficient space to walk left?
  • What is the final balance of the sidewalks on your street? What could be improved?

Exercise 3: Observing mixed use

  • How are the buildings’ diversity on your street? There are houses and buildings? There are services and shops at the ground floor? Are the buildings only residential, for offices or also mixed?
  • What kind of services can be reached on foot?
  • Is it important to increase the diversity of uses on your street? How could this be done?

Exercício 4: Observing the urban green

  • Are the trees on your street enough for a comfortable walk? There are shades on the whole street?
  • There are a diversity of trees? Where are they placed?
  • How many trees can you see from your window?
  • Can you hear birds?
  • How could the presence of the greenery and trees be improved in order to improve walking experience?

Exercise 5: Observing sitting opportunities

  • There are public benches on the street?
  • There are other informal opportunities to sit, such as steps? Have you ever used them or have you seen other people sitting on them?
  • There are squares, parklets or other spaces that offer sitting structure? Have you ever used them or saw someone using them?
  • What could be different in order to create more opportunities to sit and stay on the street?



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ONG/NGO 🇧🇷 Fazendo cidades mais caminháveis com as pessoas|making cities more walkable with people|haciendo ciudades más caminable con las personas.